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has his own web page at www.sunnyside-studio.com

He taught Geography and, as a second string, Economics. He and his wife Gill still live in the area, as do his two daughters Claire and Helen. Dave is keen on Chess and Bridge. He also plays violin.

Dave Simmons

Dave is 2nd left at the back

Dave at the back in the red jacket.

In the final souvenir edition of the school magazine he write:

"From August 1988, Lendrick Muir will try to survive in the private sector and it is to be hoped that what follows is a review at the end of a chapter and not the whole book. If we succeed in attracting private pupils then we will have in a sense come full circle. Perhaps our recent pupils will object to 'snobs' being associated with their Lendrick Muir and we will have to change the name again. 

Here, in no particular order are your thoughts and memories of the past forty years at Lendrick Muir. After reading through all your contributions, I detect two factors common to them all; first, an affection for the place and second, that Lendrick did not improve your handwriting.

My thanks to all contributors for your efforts and to Sheila and Gill for laboriously transcribing them. Any errors, spelling or punctuation mistakes are of course entirely their fault.

Lendrick Muir, June 1988"

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