Going into the porchway of the main entrance, there was an office on the left (Mrs Sheila Dingwall). Then a 2nd office on the left (Mrs Kerr) which was accessible from the first office and from the main entrance hall.

The main hall was quite impressive with wooden flooring, and grand piano, and fabulous stairway with stained glass windows.

Pupils were not allowed to use the main stairway.

The room to left of the grand piano was labelled room 1. It was used for gatherings of various sorts, but I (Ian Sweeney) mainly remember it for the folk music - Jaz Haig on a guitar belting out 'Streets of London', or something much more Scottish. Next to Room 1 was the Beak's study, which I suppose should properly have been called Room 2.

Of the two doorways shown in the photo, the door on the right led to the corridor for the dining room, the kitchen, and kitchen staff area, and the stairs used by the pupils to access the dormitories. The door on the left led to the the corridor for the toilets, the art room (an add on conservatory), Room 3, which is where the TV, and full-sized Snooker table, and stuffed birds/animals were, then on to a few seniors dorms (4&5), then onto a room that was to become Kenny Speirs'. Next to that was the housemothers' room. Down some stairs took you to the area for shoe-checking. On the immediate left was the canoe/ski room. Also there was the sports hall. I first played badminton there, long before winning so many medals, learning to play with Joe Campbell (not very good), and Robin Hayles (not bad, but a bit of a poofy touch to his shots). Off the sports hall was an equipment room that adjoined Joe's office. Joe was one of the few staff who did not live on site at Lendrick.

The corridor leading from the shoe checking area led along past the woodwork room and up stairs to the classrooms. The first classroom on the right was used by Isabel Urquhart for English. Later used by Claire Walker for APH (Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene). Later still used by John Quin for English/History.
To the left at the top of the stairs was the lab. Used by Jim Haig/Robin Hayles/Lachlan McKenzie/Ron Cowels. Further round the corridor were assorted classrooms. I can remember FZ using one, God knows what for (the music room was down the kitchen corridor - incidentally my most interesting maths classes were in the music room). The Beak taught French in one of the rooms. Eventually, at the furthest length, was the library (I remember finding, and being fascinated by, a book on sex! In a school library!!

The observatory was on the hill at the top of the sports field, on the left as you go out to the fields.

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