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LMS from the front

You probably thought when on a whim you made a search for Lendrick Muir School that you would find nothing; evidently you were mistaken!

The very fact that you made the search in the first place would indicate that within you there still exists a little piece of Lendrick Muir School.

The function of this website is to put those pieces together, whether you were a pupil, a teacher, a matron or a member of the domestic staff, we are sure that you will find something or somebody on this site that interests you.

This site is run by former pupils and has two main purposes:

  1. An archive of life at L.M.S ranging from photos to stories and school paraphernalia.
  2. A contact point for old friends and colleagues who over the span of time have lost touch.

This web site focuses on the years 1962 until 1988.

If you wish to your contact details posted on this site please contact with your full name, nickname (if any), your E-Mail address and the period you spent at L.M.S.

You might also want to join our newsgroup at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lendrickmuir/

Latest updates:

2006-04-01, Saturday 1st Aprile
School Leaflet (Large 1.5MB PDF file)
2006-03-22, Tuesday 22nd March
2006-02-11, Saturday 11th February
2006-01-17, Tuesday 17th January
2005-12-04, Sunday 4th December
2005-10-04, Tuesday 4th October
2005-09-13, Tuesday 13th September
1969 - picture added, thanks to M.G.
2005-08-16, Tuesday 16th August
2005-08-01, Monday 1st August
2005-07-12, Tuesday 12th July
2005-07-07, Thursday 7th July
Ian Lendering
2005-06-12, Sunday 12th June
Dorothy Hay
2005-05-07, Saturday 7th May
David (Thomas) Hope
2005-05-04, Wednesday 4th May
2005-04-29, Friday 29th April
Gordon Thomson
2005-04-17, Sunday 17th April
Peter Dallas
2005-04-12, Tuesday 12th April
2005-04-05, Tuesday 5th April

LMS Main Building October 2001

Photo of LMS Main Building October 2001

LMS Main Building October 2001.

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