Image was the school magazine.

Here are some selected excerpts, in historical order:

A picture of Ian Sweeney by Alistair from the 1976 edition

In 1978 Eddie Glass wrote:

L endrick life can be one major bore
E specially at mealtime when you won't ask for more
N o one seems happy, all sad and depressed
D on't meet with trouble, the school comes off best.
R efusing to work can lead to a fate
I f you get away with it you really are great,
C oming to Lendrick is no one's desire,
K illed is your ending like an arsonist on fire.

M aybe I'll regret it when I leave this school,
U nder 'Beak's' authority it's one massive rule
I f you're thinking of leaving, there's always a door,
R un for your life or suffer lots more.

P eople are dying, slowly but sure,
R eaching their climax with nothing to cure.
I f you want to suffer, remain in this school
S uffering is a happening that makes you a fool.
O nce every month, we get a weekend
N o one refuses or they meet death's end.

In 1978 Graham Elder wrote:

Life at Lendrick is really great,
for the plebby wee juniors it's bed at eight
For the great middle corridor it's really fine
Cos we go to bed just after nine.
Life on top floor is a real disaster
Cos they live next door to the 'great' Headmaster.
Being on bottom's really all right
Cos they get to stay up till all hours at night.

The dinners are magic, the teas are great,
They give you a bean and sometimes a plate
The kitchen staff are really intent,
They give you porridge that's just like cement.

Bryan Smith gives you a fright
When he tries to catch you talking at night
The walls all shudder the ceiling falls in
Bryan Smith makes most of the din.

I'm writing this poem for the Image mag
I hope it's not been too much of a drag.

In June 1988, Lendrick Muir School created a 'Final Souvenir Edition' of the magazine. It offers a fascinating insight into the perspective of members of staff. Reproduced here, a variety of their comments. It was written in the knowledge that the school was about to close.

'I detect two factors common to all [contributions]; first an affection for the place and second, that Lendrick did not improve your handwriting' (Dave Simmons)

Richard Russell quotes a pupil: 'If I'm good, you'll pat yourselves on the back and say how right you were to send me here; if I'm bad you'll say how disturbed I am and how much I need to be here.'

'Lendrick Muir has been a positive experience to most ...Changes in Social Work Policy (some call it fad or fashion!) threatened closure ... in 1981. In retrospective conclusion perhaps we will, sometime in the future, be conscious of a continuing need for Lendrick Muir-type provision?!' [All exclamation and questions marks sic] Frank Zwolinski

'There must be only a few people who have spent any time at Lendrik Muir and have not been deeply affected by [it] ...when Lendrick Muir was going well it was the greatest place in the world, and when it was going badly it was the worst' Kenny Spiers

[Lendrickanthropus's] often bizarre, usually self-destructive behaviour, has provided much of value and has made life in this unique community a valuable ethological [study of character] experience' Robin Hayles

'There was a cohesive spirit amongst staff and pupils' Leslie Stonehouse

David Thornber quotes a pupil: '[Marie-France] is not a teacher, she's a phenomenon.'

'My blood and sweat still stain the floor and it is quite easy to bring back how excruciatingly, mind bogglingly awful it could be.' David Simmons

'I hope that the pupils who have known the Lendrick experience will have gone away with enough good memories to see them through.' Marion Bisset

'I've admired [the staff] a lot BUT for me the REAL EXPERIENCE [sic] has come from the pupils. They are what it's been about and they are the ones who have given me the most... it's been good to know you all.' Sheila Dingwall

A final caveat - these are selective quotations.

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