was at Lendrick between 1972 and 1976.


Worked in computing since leaving LMS. Currently employed as a Senior Software Engineer. Happily married for over 21 years with a son of almost 19. Recently migrated to Australia and living just south of Melbourne.
17/12/2001 00:25:19 

Donald Forrester wrote:


I was at Lendrick from 1972 until 1976. In the school photo I'm back row, 4th from the left. I can remember many of the names in the photo, so here goes ;- ( the <DK> means Don't Know )

Back row, from the right ;-

Rab Ronald, Derek Walker, Mick Farish, Mark Woodcock, Jim Dickson, Jim McGaughan, Murray ???, Donald Forrester, <DK>,<DK>, Christopher Perkins.

Front row, from the right ;-

<DK>, Alex Baxter , Andy Brash, Martin Meek, <DK>, Gerald Michaluk, Larry Parker

Second Row, from the right ;-

Lindsay ???, <DK>, Maureen Kennedy, Alison Coleman, Maggie McNamara, Jackie Brunton, Ann McGarrachan, Shona McIndoe, Kathy Milligan, Diana Dow, Barbara McKay, <DK>, Helen Smith, Jackie Main, Shona McLaren, <DK> (Fleabag was her nickname, went out with Spud Yeoman), Susan ???, Mary Sweeney

Third row, left of the Beak is Miss Middleton, beside Joe Campbell is Howard Davenport, beside Mrs McGlennan is Mr Bird (English Teacher and keen bridge player )

4th row, starting from Mr Bisset ;-

Alan ??? (Spock), David Butcher, Alex McSorely, Ian Lendering, <DK>, Spud Yeoman, <DK>,<DK>,<DK>,<DK>, Gordon Thomson, Malcolm Boatman,<DK>, Graham Ritchie,<DK>,Mick Stevens, Alec ???.

5th row ; 3rd from right Eric "Spike" Hamilton, 5th from right, Colin Webster 5th Row, 1st right Colin ???, 4th right, Brian Alison, 5th right, John ???

I remember several of the other faces, but not their names. If they come back to me I'll drop you a note.



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