was at Lendrick between 1975 and 1977.


Just looking for some old school friends from 1975-77.would just like to say hello to some of my old mates who made school bearable, Ana-Marie Cummins. Alison Coleman. Nicky Kirwin. Morag Cameron. Carole Cullinane. Mo Kennedy. John Rees. Tam Wilson, James Mason, Ian Douglas, John Berwick, and Trevor Russell.
29/08/2002 01:06:03 

Danny Byrne, from Greenock, went out with Ana-Marie Cummins. Danny used to hang around with John Reece, Ian Douglas (Findi), and John Berwick (JayBee).

Danny, John Reece, and Ian Douglas (Findi) broke into the Beak's flat.

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